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Posted on 03-12-2014

The gut it the cornerstone of health! The gut has many different functions.

  • Digests food
  • Absorbs and assimilates fuel and nutrients from food to cell
  • Responsible for 25% of detoxification
  • Elimination
  • Keeping anything that should not be in the body out of the body and keeping everything that is good for body inside the body.
  • Manages trillions of bugs - the good and the bad
  • Repairs and maintains its cell integrity and mucous membranes (replaces itself every 3-5 days)
  • Houses 60-70% of our immune system GALT
  • Creates neurotransmitters, runs its own nervous system and sends communication back to the brain.

"When our behavior changes in a certain way, the brain sends a message to our gut that changes our gut bacteria causing low grade inflammation and possibly GI distress. Also when our gut bacteria changes, it can lead to behavioral changes."  -Digestive Wellness, Elizabeth Lipski, Ph.D, CCN, CHN

Here are some common "brain affecting gut function" scenarios.

  • Anxiety = diarrhea, ulcers
  • Nervous = "butterflies in the belly"
  • Closed, reserved, suspicious (Anal-retentive) = constipation
  • Unvented anger = gallbladder issues

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