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Posted on 11-21-2012

There are many kinds of headaches including: tension, cervicogenic, cluster, sinus, and migraines. Some researches suggest that the cause of neurologic in nature and others say the cause is vascular. I believe it’s a combination of both nerve and blood supply. The biggest component that I find is head pain being caused by trigger points in the neck and shoulder region. For example, an upper trapezius trigger point in the top of your shoulder can refer pain up the back of the neck, behind the ear, and into your temple. Chiropractic care effectively treats headaches by restoring movement into restricted joints, improving blood supply into tight muscles, and stimulating the autonomic nervous system. This addresses both the neurologic and vascular components of headaches and takes care of the cause of pain. This is more effective than meds that just mask the pain. If you experience headaches, call to schedule an appointment!

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